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The History of Warminster
John Daniell's account of the growth of Warminster from Celtic times to the second half of the 19th century. The standard book on Warminster's past.
    ISBN 09531753 0 8 170 pp, hardback.-

 The History of Warminster Common
  William Daniell's fascinating account of this uncouth hamlet in the first half of the 19th century. Also his efforts at improving the mental and physical health of the inhab itants. Includes many examples of cures by the application of medical electricity.
 ISBN 09531753 1 6 130 pp - £7.95


A Little Picture Book of Old Warminster
A collection of over 110 old photographs and drawings of Warminster and district selected by Ray Shorto. Many of these date from the 19th century but there are also five aerial views of the town from the 1920s.
ISBN 09531753 4 0 124 pp - £7.95 

A Second Little Picture Book of Old Warminster
A further collection of over 100 old photographs and drawings of Warminster and district selected by Ray Shorto.
 ISBN 09531753 6 7 124 pp - £7.95

A Third Little Picture Book of Warminster
Another collection of photographs from Warminster and local villages described by Ray Shorto.
 ISBN 09531753 9 1 - £7.95

The Astronomical Significance of Stonehenge
C. A. Newham's description of solar and lunar alignments with the stones and postholes. Updated to take account of recent dating theories.
 ISBN 09531753 8 3 48 pp - £1.75

The Warminster Triangle
Strange sounds, celestial lights, crop circles, electro-magnetic effects, ghosts, black dogs, folklore, energy lines, ancient sites, UFO sightings: Researcher and journalist Ken Rogers monitored and collected data on these subjects for 30 years.  
ISBN 09531753 3 2 204 pp - £11.95

Trowbridge and District Football League 1897-1997
An in-depth history of this Minor League plus general notes on football in Trowbridge and a wide surrounding area. Many team photographs including every team playing in the centenary season.
ISBN 09531753 5 9 246 pp - £6.00

Westbury in the Year 2000
A day by day photo record of Westbury at the end of the millennium. Pictures of Westbury places and people going about their everyday lives.
ISBN 09531753 7 5 201 pp - £10.50

Warminster at War
A selection of 20 posters, leaflets, tickets etc from the Second World War, reprinted from the files of Coates and Parker.



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